STOP SUFFERING FROM  BELT  VIBRATION!


The Smoothspyder  Tensioner will effectively stop or substancially reduce the belt vibration by applying dynamic spring loaded tension to the top or bottom side of the belt depending on the model and belt length.


The Can Am Spyder uses an exceptionally long drive belt, 40" between the front drive sprocket and rear sprocket. This extreme length may cause the belt to create harmonic resonance and belt vibration.

This vibration is most noticeable when under a load, such as riding double, going up hills, pushing into a strong headwind or towing a trailer.


Eliminating or reducing the vibration may substancially increase the reliability and useful lifespan of the entire driveline, including the front output shaft bearings and drive pulley, belt, rear sprocket and bearings and any other parts that may crack or loosen, such as fuses, light bulb filaments, fender brackets, etc.   


Vibration is not only detrimental to the Spyder, but  fatiguing and annoying to the riders also, rear view mirrors become useful again!


Smoothspyder Tensioner brackets are constructed of stainless steel or plate steel / powder coating for durability.



                  Stainless Steel Top Mount                                    Tensioner/Vibration Damper

   RT / RTS / RT LTD.                    GS/RS - F3T / LTD.

     RT  2010-2021                            GS/RS    2008-2016        F3 2016-2021

           $265.00                                       $285.00                              

This premium high performance tensioner easily bolts on the swing arm and applies tension to the top of the belt where the harmonic vibration is most severe.


The tensioner is a sealed, maintenance free unit and contains 2 compression springs for unsurpassed reliability and consistent performance. The tension applied is fully adjustable.


The mounting bracket is constructed of 3/16" stainless steel and attaches to the swing arm with a 3/8" U-bolt, Nordlock anti-vibration washers and grade 8 Nylock nuts.


The idler is constructed of fiberglass impregnated nylon and contains a 6203-C4 bearing for sustained high speed use and long life.


Two different models are available, one is for the RT series and one is for the GS/RS  F3T / LTD. series.


Lifetime warranty on the tensioner and bracket, 2 year warranty on the idler pulley.


This tensioner is the only model available for the RT that will fit with the Vertika Floor Boards.



RT Top Mount Instructions Final.docx
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GS RS Top Mount Tensioner Instructions.[...]
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Please select either the RT or GS/RS-F3T/LTD. model and the  shipping destination from the drop down menu below.

RT Top Mount Tensioner
GS/RS- F3 T/LTD. Tensioner

                     ST  Belt Tensioner

ST-STS-ST Limited Tensioner

The ST tensioner bracket locks around the swing arm and attaches to the rear shock bracket using the lower shock bolt.   

High Performance Dual Compression Spring Tensioner.

Tension applied is fully adjustable, a nice feature for those using the lower alternative belt tension.

3/16" Steel Powdercoated Bracket.

150MMX10MM Longer Shock Bolt and Nut Included.

Easy bolt on installation, no other modifications neccessary.

Lifetime Warranty on Bracket and Tensioner, 2 year warranty on the Idler Pulley


$265 including U.S.A. shipping.

ST Tensioner

Spare or replacement idler pulleys are readily available, but generally last for many years under normal usage.

Contact us for the exact model as they will ship with the adapter already installed for either the 3/8" or 1/2" bolt.

"The price is forgotten long after the quality remains".

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