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Hi Jim-


Just recently ordered backrest for my 2009 Spyder. Wanted to tell you what a great product you have. Super please with the quality and engineering of this product. Installation was smooth and simple. Everything was extremely well thought out, right down to the suggestion of cutting a notch out of the rear panel mounts to slip onto the mounting bolts.


Extremely impressed!  Thanks!


Jeff M

Hey Jim,

The backrest was an easy install as Spyder things go and fit like a glove.

My wife an young daughter feel much better now, I haven't even had the chance to try it myself as we always ride two-up.

Thanks for the great pack job, I've purchased many upgrades from the U.S. and some of them don't make it across the pond so well. 


Best Regards, Claude 


Hi Jim

Got the back rest, put it on and I love it.

It's nice to get something that exceeds your expectations.

Great Job on Quality.


Hi Jim, I received the incredible backrest set up for my 2016 F3 Limited. I'm the one with the Cannon Ball seat and I can tell you it defiantly fits. There is not ANY contact with the passenger seat sides until the last bit of travel. Then it just barely makes contact with the side of the seat. There is no issue at all if you inform a cannon ball seat user that there is some slight seat contact with the sides of the seat at the very end of the travel for the DRIVER position only. Zero contact with anything when set for the passenger. This is the most amazing quality backrest design I have ever owned. I now own two of your great products. The belt tensioner and the back rest.

Are your OK with me posted a thread on Spyder lovers about the quality, fit and design of these products?


So much smoother with the tensioner installed.....even riding at 60 mph on the level highway. Great product. I would highly recommend it to others. Thanks again



Received and installed backrest today. Excellent quality product, great clear instructions, perfect fit, easy installation.  Couldn't be happier with the product the price and the customer service. 


Hello Jim

The Solo Rack Rocks! I ride alone and do a lot of camping in the cooler months.

In addition to a large topcase I still had room to lash down my sleeping bag!

Happy trails, David

Thanks Jim.  Excellent product. My wife loves it!!!    Stephen


Just wanted to thank you for the GREAT backrest. Just received it and installed it, the quality is fantastic. The installation took a little time but was no problem on my ST Limited. The design and engineering is the best I have ever seen!

Thank you so much!


Hi Jim,

 i can't believe how much smoother my old RT is at all speeds now, it used to rattle my teeth at 65-75 MPH. I would have done this years ago had I known.

The dealer didn't have a clue what was going on and kept telling me I was just oversensitive, I said I've rode Harleys for 30 years!

Big Bruce


Hi james

Been unable to ride due to my shoulder surgery, but finally got the tensioner installed by my dealer. 

He was impressed with the quality and I am really impressed with the much improved ride quality, smooth at last! Thanks again for making a well built solution to a problem that shouldn't be there.

My spyder finally performes like a $30,000 machine should!


Hi Jim,

Got the backrest on.

Love it.

Thanks so much for your help!

John P

Hello Jim, 

Just to say absolutely delighted with my backrest .. ST is a different beast ... 
have attached a few pics - out in the Scottish fresh air ... 

I just received my package thank you so much, and thank you for printing out the directions. OMG and that packing job was awesome, as long as it doesn't get run over by a forklift- that thing could get bounced around all day and not get damaged, that was some serious foam you put in there, thank you for spending the time and money to package it the best I've ever seen. And I know I have not read the directions yet, well hopefully install tomorrow if I have time, but when mounting, does the backrest bracket go on the inside or outside of the luggage rack? Thanks again.

Good day sir I just wanted to reach out to you and let you know that I received my rear seat assembly for my 2009 GS Spyder

It is very professionally built finish the powder coating the material the hardware is all top-notch it definitely installs in a method that instills trust in the product and that it will work as designed

It is definitely a beautiful addition for both the passenger and the rider and very delighted to have it What a great product

The instructions were clear but I did not use them as I simply watched the video you definitely want to cut slots in the side panels to go over the bolts it makes things a lot easier it was simple to put in but was not quite as easy as it appears to be it took about an hour and a half with installation and cleanup just take your time and go slow in the assembly is pretty straightforward
Great product !
Erik J.

Hello Jim ,

Thanks , I bought a backrest from you before and put it on my GS. I liked it so much I just upgraded to a F3-T today and I ordered this within an hour . I can’t say enough great things about your product , if you would like me to leave a review somewhere let me know. 
Thanks again 

Hey Jim,

I just want to thank you for such a great product. Your instructions were perfect and very easy to follow.  I have done a lot of mechanical work in my life but anyone should be able to put this on their Spyder with your instructions.  Thanks again I'm sure my wife and I will get lots of great rides with our new backrest.  
Steve B.

Good morning Jim,

I'm emailing to let you know I received my backrest and it fit perfectly.

Your backrest is far more exceptional than the others.

Thank you, 



Hi Jim, my wife ordered me a Smoothspyder backrest that arrived on Friday. It was for Father’s Day but I got home before she did and seen the package. I talked her into letting me install it early being we were ryding this weekend. I wanted one because she had an ST and recently moved up to an RT, I had an RS, which is currently for sale and began riding the ST. But with different sitting position than the RS I was getting pain through the middle of my back. The ST I think was making slouch down, after installing the Smoothspyder and going for a ryde I’m sitting up straighter with much less pain in my middle back. I Love it!! Very good quality and very comfortable!! Thanx and I have already recommended one to a couple of Spyder ryders.
Thanx again!!

Kim D.

I received the backrest yesterday and installed it today. Your video was very helpful and appreciated. I have owned motorcycles for 40 years and have bought countless accessories. This was one of the best I have purchased. The design and quality is exceptional. Even the shipping showed a great attention to detail.

Thanks again!

Bob Mc.

Hi Jim,
Just wanted to drop a note saying my wifes backrest showed up yesterday, and I installed it tonight. 
Great product, easy installation with excellent instructions - thank you very much!! I looked for a backrest so she could bring one of the kids with her safely and couldn’t find one, even directly from BRP. I found yours online, took a chance and am very impressed!
I’ve been riding motorcycles for over 20 years, mainly Harleys, and your product is top-notch! We will definitely recommend it to anyone who asks. 
Thanks again,
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